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So I went looking at Gordon Ramsay videos and found this and laughed for about 10 minutes.

HAHAHAHAAHAH this is fucking amazing 

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You better watch out. [etsy/via]

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 jumped on the back of her heels

I cant do everything in heels but Beyonce is a brave bitch to do that



 jumped on the back of her heels

I cant do everything in heels but Beyonce is a brave bitch to do that

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Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Rumored to be one of the scariest places in america, Waverly Hills began construction in 1908 and opened for business in 1910 as a small two story hospital. The hospital was, after much construction and expansion in 1924 due to the spread of tuberculosis, considered one of the most well equipped hospitals of it’s time. It could accommodate 400 patients at the time. However, in 1961, the cure for TB was released and rendered the facilities obsolete. In 1962, the hospital was reopened under a new name but eventually was closed down by the state in 1980.

The hospital was so large, that it was considered its own community by the state, and even had it’s own zipcode! Although the community was great, treatments were not. Since there were not antibiotics quite yet, doctors were constantly using experimental treatments on patients that were often painful and left many scars. Some patients were even disfigured. Many treatments proved fatal. The most popular feature of this hospital was infamously named the body chute, which was a long dark tunnel used to carry the dead bodies out of the hospital discreetly as not to lower the morale of the patients.

There are literally hundreds of different reports of different ghosts being seen in the hospital, which isn’t surprising considering the size of the place. People have seen a little boy on the third floor, rolling a ball. People have even seen a ball rolling on its own from one room to the next. Many people have reported seeing multiple shadow people around the building. It is not odd to see several in one area at one time. Others have reported seeing a woman with her wrists slit screaming “someone save me”.

Room 502 seems to be a hot spot in the hospital. Legend has it, the room was the site of two suicides by nurses. One hanged herself, while the other jumped out of the window. Many people have experienced seeing a woman hanging or sitting in the corner crying and rocking back and forth. Additionally, many people have heard voices and have even reported being physically pushed. People outside of the building have also witnessed a woman falling from a window and disappearing before reaching the ground.

Within the body chute, people have reported seeing people running, hearing crying, and hearing people whispering or laughing.

The building is currently only used for tours and paranormal investigations. It has been on several different popular shows on the paranormal, and has now be bought and is to be renovated and turned into a “haunted hotel.”

Personally, I can’t imagine anything still residing in that hospital being too pleased about the renovations…

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id have to say…

i havent been this happy in a realllly long time….life is great!!

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"you were right"


"you were right"

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I like it when posts like this are actually true

Zach Braff did an AMA on reddit a while ago and said the script would sometimes just say “Then Neil says something funny”

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